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Travel Reward
Card Types
Conversion Rate
Minimum Bonus Points Required per Conversion
World Mastercard
Flyer World Mastercard
Bonus Points

Handling fee waiver
40,000 = 5,000
* Above World Mastercard refers to the BEA World Mastercard registered for BEA Mileage Reward.
Asia Miles remarks:
  1. Only Bonus Points earned by BEA World Mastercard and/or BEA Flyer World Mastercard registered for BEA Mileage Reward can be combined/converted to Asia Miles. A maximum of 2 credit cards can be combined.
  2. Cardholders must convert Bonus Points for a minimum of 5,000 Asia Miles (i.e. 40,000 Bonus Points) in multiples of 500 Asia Miles each time. If the number of Bonus Points is insufficient for conversion to 500 Asia Miles or a multiple thereof, BEA reserves the right to adjust the number of Bonus Points redeemed in connection with said conversion at any time with appropriate notice.
  3. Asia Miles terms and conditions apply.
  4. The Bonus Gallery terms and conditions apply. Please click here for details.