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Worth HKD100
Item no.2071
Credit Card HK$100 Spending Credit
HKD  0
30,000  Bonus Points

Important Notice:

  1. Cardholders who redeem Bonus Points for vouchers or cash coupons worth HK$1,000 above must collect the vouchers or cash coupons at a designated redemption centre.

Credit Card Spending Credit Terms and Conditions:

  • Upon completion of redemption, Credit Card Spending Credit will be credited directly to the relevant card account within 3 working days and will appear on the related statement. The Bank will not make any further notice (If Cardholder made redemption through 2 different cards held in on Cardholder’s name, the relevant Credit Card Spending Credit will be credited directly to the eligible card account that is entered first when a redemption request is made)
  • If the redemption is rejected, The Bank will issue a SMS/email/letter of refusal from the 3rd working day commencing on the redemption day
  • Redemptions cannot be cancelled or altered once made
  • The Credit Card Spending Credit is not transferable either to third parties or any other accounts held by the cardholder, and only applicable to retail transactions of the relevant card account